May 11, 2023

Best Parks in Toronto for Photography in the Summer

Parks are some of the best places to have an organic and stunning family photoshoot in the summer. Toronto has beautiful parks and beaches and the trees, foliage and sand can provide a charming backdrop for your newborn, maternity or family photography session. Natural light at the right time of day can be incredibly flattering, while the outdoors always adds an element of romance to your photos. 

Depending on the vibe you are going for, here is a list of some of the best parks in Toronto for family photoshoots.

Evergreen Brickworks

Evergreen Brickworks is one of the most popular spots for family photography for a reason. The space is huge and you can choose from a more urban, industrial backdrop, to pure nature. It has a variety of gritty looking brick buildings plus massive trees, a bridge, a pond and trails.  

The location is convenient, in the middle-east portion of Toronto, and it’s easily accessible by transit, shuttle and has paid parking. There are indoor washrooms for changing and it also has a cafe for when you need those emergency snacks and coffee to get more energy during a family photoshoot. 

Scarborough Bluffs

When you go to Scarborough Bluffs you don’t even feel like you’re in Toronto. Instead you feel like you’re on am exotic, European beach at the end of the world.  The view is truly breathtaking. The background is dramatic, with huge cliffs, a sandy beach and the lake behind. It’s an incredibly romantic spot for family photoshoots and popular for a reason. 

It’s located in the far-east end of Toronto but is  easily accessible by driving. Paid parking is available during the day and there’s a washroom on-site for changing.

Colonel Samuel Smith Park

On the West-end of Toronto, in Etobicoke, is Colonel Samuel Smith Park, which is a quieter and more unique location. This park offers a wide variety of backgrounds, from the lake, a sandy beach, tall reeds and trees. The Toronto skyline can also be seen. It won’t be overcrowded for family photoshoots, even on a weekend. 

This hidden gem is easily accessible by transit and there is usually plentiful free parking. Note that there are no washrooms for changing. 

Humber Bay Shores

This man-made park is in the west of Toronto  located on Lake Ontario. It’s massive, providing plenty of unique opportunities for a family photoshoot. Backgrounds could include the lake, a pond, a forest or a rocky shoreline.

Very convenient for downtown residents, Humber Bay Shores is easy to get to by streetcar, and also offers free parking and washroom facilities. 

High Park

High Park takes over a massive area right in the middle of Toronto. It spans a huge length of downtown and therefore provides a ton of different spots to capture the best photograph. Plus, right outside the park are some of the most beautiful Victorian homes in the city, which offer an urbanist feel. 

If you want your pet included in an outdoor family photoshoot this is probably the best spot in Toronto since there is an off-leash dog park as well as extensive off-leash dog trails.

In the summer there are huge trees, beautiful flowers, fallen logs, tall grasses, meadows as well as a large pond.

Free parking is available during the week inside the park, while on the weekend parking is available outside on the side streets. The subway goes directly there every day. There are washrooms, restaurants  and food trucks inside the park for refreshments. 

We are spoiled with so many fairy-tale options for outdoor family photoshoots in Toronto. Whatever outdoor location you choose, I promise to capture your best spontaneous and intimate moments

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