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Toronto Commercial Photographer

capturing the natural essence of your brand

From idea to execution, my carefully crafted photos are what make me an excellent photographer for your brand. Throughout the last few years, I’ve worked with businesses of all sizes including many well-known clients such as Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Mazda, Merrell, Pursuit Collection, and several others. As a commercial photographer, I tend to incorporate products into lifestyle photos, to show your customers why your brand is the perfect fit for their specific needs. Whether that includes taking photos of people enjoying your beverage at a picnic in a park, showcasing the five-star experience you offer guests at your hotel, capturing your vehicle overlooking a breathtaking vista, or shooting a day in the life of your employees providing incredible customer service – I always snap images that evoke powerful moods to create a lifestyle that sells products and services. From building storyboards to sourcing the perfect props, I take a very comprehensive approach to commercial photography and ensure that every detail of your campaign is taken care of.

commercial photography: $tbd + hst

product photography: $400 + Hst

Content library: $800 + hst

campaign photography: $600 + hst

- Ideal for company's seeking on-going promotions and/or launching a product or service.

- Includes inspiration board tailored to your brand's identity.

- Includes pre-photoshoot consultation.

- Includes flat-lay and styled product photos.

- Images will be licensed for digital marketing usage.

- Props and/or studio space are an additional charge.

- Ideal for company's promoting specific products or services.

- Includes inspiration board tailored to your brand's identity.

- Includes pre-photoshoot consultation.

- The number of photos depends on your budget.

- The composition of photos will be determined based on the campaign concept.

- Images will be licensed for digital marketing usage.

- Models, props and/or studio space are an additional charge.

- Ideal if one of my packages doesn't meet your company's needs.

- Ideal if you want to work together on an ongoing basis.

- Perfect, if you have a specific budget!

- Includes pre-photoshoot consultation.

- The number of photos is determined based on your budget.

- Images will be licensed for digital marketing usage.

- Props and/or studio space are an additional charge.

- Ideal for a company looking to build their online and/or social media presence.

- Includes pre-photoshoot consultation.

- Includes photos of employees, clients, products, services, workplace, etc.

- Minimum of 100 edited, high-resolution photos.

- Images will be licensed for digital marketing usage.

- Up to 8 hours of on-location photography.


Commercial photography is the creation of images to market products and/or services. This can encompass many niches of photography including fashion, food, lifestyle, beauty photography, and even portraits to be used for business purposes.

What is commercial photography?

Investing in commercial photography will make your product or service look its absolute best, which gives your brand increased credibility among clients, customers, and/or competitors. Let's face it, weak or mediocre images don't usually sell a brand to its fullest potential. Commercial photography projects a very polished image. But it isn't intended to change your brand's identity, it's meant to enhance its characteristics and follow your brand's guidelines - to add value to your company.

Why should my company pay for commercial photography?

I shoot everything from curated flat-lays featuring only products - to lifestyle images of people enjoying products and/or services. When it comes to commercial photography, I don't have a signature style - I prioritize meeting each client's needs. With that said, the style of your photoshoot will depend on your vision and what will best suit your brand to sell your products and/or services to your ideal customer.

What kind of commercial photography do you do?

Do I own my photos?

According to Canadian Copyright Law, I own the copyright to all of the images that I shoot (this applies to every photographer in Canada). Then I license you the photos in perpetuity for online and digital advertising purposes - this includes but is not limited to - using the photos for your company's website, e-mail blasts, social media accounts, digital advertising, etc. However, you’ll be charged an extra fee and required to sign an additional licensing agreement if you request printing rights, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferrable, and/or perpetual rights to reproduce, distribute, display, create derivative works, and edit any of the photos created for your brand. This can include using the photos for printed advertisement on billboards or in magazines, displaying the photos on brand merchandise or packaging, etc.

No two brands are alike. We'll come up with an inspiration board based on your vision and brand's unique characteristics. Depending on your budget, we'll allocate funds towards renting or buying the appropriate props, securing studio space that suits your needs, and/or casting models that fit the vision of your campaign.

I want my photos to look different. How will you make my company stand out?

Will I be required to independently source props and models?

I'm happy to source everything you need for your entire photoshoot depending on your budget and deadlines - this can include props, models, studio space, etc. However, we don't have to always source models, sometimes you might want to select your employees or family/friends. And, sometimes you won't need props or already have the props in-hand, which is something we can definitely work with.

Where will we shoot my commercial photos?

This will depend on the look that you're going for. We can shoot your photos at your business, a studio, at a park, and/or any place you have access to. Please note some places in Toronto and the GTA, require a permit prior to shooting and we'll need to secure this, if it's necessary.

Do you work with small businesses?

Of course, I do! From local mom and pop shops to world renowned brands, I enjoy working with companies of all sizes throughout Toronto, the GTA, and beyond.

What are your rates for commercial photography?

My minimum rate starts at $400+HST. However, if you have a specific concept in-mind or want to work with me on an ongoing campaign or project, we can fairly negotiate flexibility on the rate and deliverables.

What information should I include in my commercial photography proposal?

Your budget, the deadline, the number of images you require, where you want to possibly shoot, if you'll need my expertise to coordinate the logistics (with models, location, props, etc), how you intend to use the photos, and/or any other thoughts that you would like to share.