April 21, 2023

How to prepare for your newborn photography session

Giving birth to a new baby is such a special experience. But all too often those early days pass by in a blur of sleepless nights, diaper changes and feedings. And soon enough, somehow, your tiny little newborn is a chunky three-month old baby. That’s why capturing those magical early days with a baby photographer is so necessary. 

Why is Photographing Your Newborn a Must?

Every single day your newborn grows and changes. Their hair, eye colour, weight, personality and temperament shifts so fast. Those adorable reflexes at birth give way soon enough. It’s all too easy to forget how truly small and cute they were. That’s why a professional newborn photoshoot in Toronto is so important — to memorialize those sweet first weeks of life. 

The Best Time to Schedule a Newborn Photography Session

The first three weeks after your baby is born is the best time to schedule a newborn photoshoot. When they are this young it’s easiest to pose them, and they are likely to remain very calm and still during a session. For that reason it’s best to book as soon as possible, around 4-6 weeks out from your due date. Since labour can be unpredictable we can, of course, be flexible.

Checklist for Parents: What Should You Bring to a Newborn Photo Shoot?

  • Milk — a large bottle of pumped milk or formula if not breastfeeding
  • Pacifier in case baby is fussy
  •  Moisturize your baby’s skin before arrival to avoid dry skin patches
  • Diapers and wipes
  • A change of shirt for mom and dad in case the baby spits up on them
  • Any heirloom items you wish to include in the photographs

Clothing Choices for Newborn Photo Session

What Should the Parents and/or Siblings Wear?

Neutral clothes are always best. Choose lighter tone colours like beige, cream, white and gray.  Jewel tones can also work occasionally. Avoid bright colours, logos and bold patterns as they can be distracting. 

What Should the Baby Wear?

You can choose to bring an outfit and swaddle of your choice or select from the wardrobe options that I provide.

I provide a variety of high-quality knit and lace outfits for the baby, including swaddles and bows and hats — you can check out my full newborn closet here.

Sleep Management: Keeping Your Baby Awake Before the Session

One of the best ways to ensure a happy baby for the newborn photoshoot is to keep the baby awake before the session for at least 30 minutes. Then after changing a diaper and giving a full feed the baby will likely nap through the session and be cooperative. Plus, you’ll get those absolutely adorable sleepy poses.

How to Manage Baby Feeding?

Newborns thrive when they are full so make sure to plan the photography session around their feedings.  Feed the baby 1.5-2.5 hours before the session, and then nurse the baby or give a large bottle around 15 minutes before the photography session begins. This will help ensure the baby is calm and sleepy. A full baby is a happy baby! 

Tips for Keeping Your Baby Calm During the Photoshoot


Babies love to be warm and cozy so if you’re doing an in-home session then keep your house at above 21 degrees. 

Is the camera flash bad for newborns?

No, flash cameras are perfectly safe for babies. If you’re really worried I can photograph without flash if there is enough natural lighting.

Sit Back and Relax

Trust your baby photographer! I know how special your newborn is to you and know what positions are comfortable for them. I can also move them gently so that they don’t wake up. The more relaxed you are, the more calm your baby will be. 

 Family Photos & Pet Appearances

I can include up to seven family members in a newborn session. I’m also an animal lover and all pets are welcome in an in-home baby photography session in Toronto. For studio sessions there is a fee of $50 per pet. 

Months and years later, when your baby is running around you in circles as a toddler or talking back to you as a teenager, these keepsake photos will serve as a reminder of just how precious those early weeks were.

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