White Embroidered Dress w/Sleeves

Short Sleeve White Lace Dress

White Lace Robe

Fits sizes 0 to 12

Fits sizes 4 to 12

Fits sizes 4 to 10.

White Lace Open Belly Dress

White Open Belly Flow Dress

Transparent Beige Lace Dress

Available in sizes Small, Medium, and Large

Available in sizes Small and Large

Fits sizes 6 to 12

Beige Boho Lace Dress

Transparent Blush Tulle Robe

Baby Pink Lace Dress w/Sleeves

Fits sizes 2 to 18, can also be worn closed

Fits sizes 2 to 14

Available in sizes Small (4 - 6) and Large (12 - 14)

Cream Boho Two-Piece Set

Beige Button-Down Dress

Pink Embellished Dress

Fits sizes 10 to 14

Fits sizes 2 to 18, can also be worn unbuttoned

Fits sizes 2 to 18

Boho Maxi Floral Dress

Black Silk Robe w/Lace Trim

Caramel Off-The-Shoulder Dress

Fits sizes 0 to 12

Fits sizes 10 to 14

Fits sizes 2 to 18, can be worn closed

Transparent Black Lace Dress

Black Embroidered Dress w/Sleeves

Midi Black Bodycon Dress

Available in sizes Medium and Large

Fits sizes 4 to 6

Available in Medium and Large

Transparent White Lace Dress

Off The Shoulder White Lace Dress

Black Open Belly Flow Dress

Fits sizes medium and large.

Fits sizes medium and large.

Available in size medium

White Dress With Long Train

Midi White Bodycon Dress

Available in sizes small and large

Fits sizes 0 to 14



your own wardrobe

how it works

Mini sessions do NOT include complimentary closet access but you can rent one garments for $45+HST.

Alex will bring five dresses for you to try on 15 minutes prior to your session - selections are based on your size and style preferences.

Of course, wearing your own wardrobe is always optional, regardless of the package you purchase.

Only Maternity, Newborn, Bump-To-Baby, and one hour Family session clients will be granted access to the client closet.



Dresses and robes are high maintenance and some are very expensive, so it's not worth including dresses at sessions that cost less than $250+HST. Some of these garments are also very expensive. However you're permitted to rent a dress at a shorter session for an additional cost of $45+HST.

Unfortunately, it's too difficult to carry 15+ dresses to each session. However you can let me know your size and which dresses you prefer before your session. And, then I'll curate a suitcase of 4 to 6 dresses or robes for you to wear at your photoshoot.


Do you provide jeans and lingerie for more casual looks?

There are way too many sizes and cuts of denim to provide clients with jeans. And, I also don't provide undergarments for sanitary reasons. However, you're always more than welcome to bring your own jeans and lingerie, which can be paired with any robe or dress from the client closet.

Arriving 15 minutes early is definitely recommended, so you have time to try on dresses before we start shooting.

should i arrive early to my session to try on dresses?

Of course, you can. I want every client to look and feel their best. So, if you feel none of the robes or dresses suit your style - you can always bring your own garments.

can i wear my own wardrobe to my session?

how many dresses can i wear at my session?

I recommend choosing two looks but we can shoot more than two looks if we have time. Clients typically change outfits three or more times at maternity sessions and change outfits once or twice at newborn sessions.

are your dresses only for maternity clients?

Nope, recently postpartum moms can also take advantage of the client closet.